Yamaha Motor Corp USA Calls Back 120,000 Off-Road Vehicles Following 46 Fatalities for Free Repairs to Prevent Rollover Accidents

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Yamaha Motor Corp USA have announced a “free repair” program of approximately 120,000 off-highway recreational vehicles. This program refers to the the Rhino 660 , the Rhino 700, and the Rhino 450. The purpose of this free repair service is to make some modifications to the all-terrain vehicles to [...]

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Presents New Roof Strength Rating System for Autos

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has unveiled its new roof strength rating system for motor vehicles. The IIHS says that out of the 12 small SUV’s that were tested, only four of them earned a “good” rating, which is the highest rating possible. The roof strength test pushes a metal plate against one side [...]

Madoff’s Role Model: Charles Ponzi

In a previous blog (Bernie Madoff: A Modern Day Ponzi), I discussed Bernie Madoff’s modern day Ponzi scheme. I would now like to look at the man who started this elaborate fraud system. The scheme got its name from Charles Ponzi, born in Italy in 1882. Ponzi immigrated illegally to Boston when he was 21. [...]

Crib Makers Propose Banning Drop-Side Cribs

An ASTM International committee comprised of major crib makers is pushing forward a proposal to ban drop-side cribs. Among the reasons for this is that there have been over three million cribs recalled since the fall of 2007 and a number of child injuries and deaths have occured because of cribs that were poorly designed, [...]

Bernie Madoff: A Modern Day Ponzi

The biggest financial fraud in American history was pulled off by a New York financier by the name of Bernie Madoff. Madoff (pronounced “made off”) made off with more than $50 billion of his clients’ money (for some, their life savings) by promising his clients higher returns on their investments than they could expect elsewhere. [...]

General Motors Recalls 1,738 Hummers and 277,000 Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn Motor Vehicles

As if the publicity couldn’t get worse for financially beleaguered auto making giant General Motors, the company announced two separate auto recalls last week. GM is recalling about 1,738 2009 Hummer H3T’s because of a problem with the front support strap of the vehicle’s fuel tank. In the event that the strap becomes fractured, the [...]

Why You Need a Contingent Fee Lawyer for your Colorado Business Litigation, Part II

In addition to hiring a lawyer experienced in the courtroom (see previous post), there are other reasons a contingent fee lawyer can help assure a successful outcome of your Colorado business litigation. Reason #3: You need a lawyer with special skills. The special skills of an injury lawyer will increase the likelihood of recovery of [...]

NHTSA Announces Top to Bottom Review of Current Child Safety Seat Standards

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it is planning a complete review of existing child safety restraint standards. The announcement, reports the Chicago Tribune, comes in the wake of the newspaper’s findings that existing safety standards may be flawed. The Tribune says that it found, buried in thousands of NHTSA reports, results from tests [...]

Why You Need a Contingent Fee Lawyer for Your Colorado Business Litigation

In previous blog posts, Colorado Business Litigation Risks & Colorado Business Litigation Risks, Part II, I listed some of the risks for a corporation that hires an hourly fee lawyer to handle its “high risk/high reward” commercial litigation. I pointed out that prudent corporations understand the risk of losing the case and should not be [...]

Colorado Business Litigation Risks, Part II

In a previous post about high risk and Colorado business litigation, I reminded companies who hire lawyers by the hour of the substantial expense of that arrangement as well as the potential conflict of interest between the business and its lawyers. Now, let’s look at a couple of other risks. Risk #3: Lack of courtroom [...]