Serious Airbag Defect Leads Honda to Recall 440,000 More Civics, Accords, and Acura TL’s

American Honda Motor Company says it is adding another 440,000 Honda autos to a recall it announced last November over a possible defect in the vehicles’ airbag inflation systems. 2001 Civics, 2001-2002 Accords, and 2002-2003 Acura TL’s are included in this expanded recall, but not all autos from these model years are part of the [...]

Choking Hazard Issues Prompts CPSC Recall of Kids’ Products, including LeapFrog Toys and Buster Brown Clogs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently recalled a number of kids’ products over choking hazard concerns. Last Thursday, the CPSC recalled approximately 3,700 LeapFrog My Pal Scout Electronic Plush Toy Dogs because the paws’ decals could come off, making the pieces easy for a child to swallow. So far, LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. has received two [...]

CPSC Report Documents Burn Injuries Caused by Apple’s iPods

According to an investigation conducted by a Seattle television station, there have been a number of Apple IPod players that have burst into flames, exploded, or overheated, causing property damage and injuries. The TV station, KIRO TV, managed to use the Freedom of Information Act to get the Consumer Product Safety Commission to turn over [...]

Defective Chinese Drywall in US Homes Can Lead to Products Liability Lawsuits

Recently, Lennar Corp. reported that it has identified 400 homes that it constructed in Florida that contain defective Chinese drywall. This is troubling news for the homes’ residents, who may be suffering from the effects caused by this defective product. According to some experts, almost 300,000 US homes may contain the defective drywall. The material [...]

General Motors and Chrysler Value the “Bottom Line” Over Consumer Safety

The recent bankruptcy filings by General Motors and Chrysler prevent victims of defective vehicles manufactured by G.M. and Chrysler from suing for any compensation for injuries or deaths caused by such vehicles before the bankruptcy filing. The amount of such claims is estimated at $1.25 billion. In the case of General Motors only, an agreement [...]

CPSC Recalls Play Yards, Pacifiers, Baby Floats, and Drop Side Cribs to Prevent Injuries to Young Children

This month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled a number of infant products. On Wednesday, Kolcroft Enterprises Inc. recalled 1 million Play Yards because of concern that the furniture’s side rail might fail to latch correctly or unlatch suddenly, posing a potential fall hazard. So far, there have been at least 374 reports of [...]

Products Liability Attorney Jim Gilbert Calls for Victims’ Fund to Pay GM and Chrysler Plaintiffs

General Motors Corp. has announced that it will take responsibility for auto products liability lawsuits that are filed after the car maker sought bankruptcy protection. This is good news for people who were injured after June 1. Once the company emerges from bankruptcy, the “new GM” will honor future personal injury claims involving defective autos [...]