Millions of Window Shades and Blinds Recalled Following Child Strangulation Deaths and Injuries

A number of strangulation injuries and deaths involving young children has compelled the Consumer Product Safety Commission and six companies to recall about 5.5 million roll-up window blinds and shades. The companies involved in the recall are Vertical Land Inc., Lutron Shading Solutions, Lewis Hyman Inc., IKEA, Victoria Classics, and Pottery Barn Kids/Williams-Sonoma, Inc. The [...]

Construction Safety Record Shows Remarkable Progress since 1998

According to a study conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America (“AGCA”), construction fatality rates have declined 47% since the passage in 1998 of federal oversight legislation that introduced a “collaborative safety” approach, safety incidents declined by 38% over the same time period. This collaborative approach rewards contractors for finding and fixing safety problems [...]

Child Car Safety Seats Can Deprive Babies of Oxygen

While child car safety seats are a must for newborns riding in cars, the seats can also cause a baby to experience breathing problems. Infants have to be placed in an upright position when in a child safety seat. However, according to a new study published in Pediatrics, this can cause the baby’s chest wall [...]

Colorado Contractor May be Awarded Damages for impairment of Bonding Capacity

In Denny Const., Inc. v. City and County of Denver ex rel. Bd. of Water Com’rs. (1/09), a case of vital importance to contractors, the Colorado Supreme Court speaks to the issue of whether or not damages for impaired bonding capacity are recoverable, and by what standard such damages may be proved. Denny Construction, Inc., [...]

CPSC Recalls Child Trailers, Little Tikes Products, Doorway Jumpers, and Baby Hammocks to Prevent Child Injuries

In an effort to prevent child injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently recalled a number of products. Just today, the CPSC, along with Burley Design, LLC, recalled approximately 2,700 2009 d’lite ST and Solo ST Child Trailers. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, but the trailer’s internal sleeve on the axle assembly could loosen. [...]

Texas Court Holds Arbitration Contract Clause Unenforceable

The Federal District Court for the Northern District of Texas has decided that an arbitration clause in a Blockbuster Inc. contract with its customers was illusory and could not be enforced by Blockbuster. The lawsuit was brought by customers after the names of movies the customers rented from Blockbuster were published on Facebook under a [...]

New Colorado Law Punishes Employer for Misclassifying “Employee” as “Independent Contractor

A new law, effective June 2, 2009 is of vital importance to employers in Colorado. The law imposes substantial fines and other punishment to any employer who misclassifies an employee as a subcontractor. The fine for a first willful violation is up to $5,000 for each misclassified employee. For a second willful violation, the fine [...]

Defective Tire Lawsuit Can Proceed in Arizona Even if Rollover Accident Occurred in Mexico, Says Court

The Arizona Court of Appeals says that a local woman who was hurt and lost her mother and daughter in a Mexico car accident can sue Continental Tire North America in the state of Arizona. Attorneys for the tire company wanted the auto products liability lawsuit to be argued in Mexico where the rollover accident [...]

Florida Auto Products Liability Lawsuit Accuses Toyota of Negligence in Fatal SUV Rollover Crash

The widower and children of a woman who died in an SUV rollover accident last May are suing Toyota Corporation and Courtesy Toyota of Brandon for wrongful death. Elisa Obediente, 56, died after losing control of her vehicle on Interstate 75 in Florida. According to police, she over-corrected her steering to avoid hitting another vehicle [...]

Do Tanning Beds Cause Cancer?

According to international cancer experts, tanning beds can cause cancer. Analysis of some 20 studies have found that people who start using tanning beds before they turn 30 see a 75% increase in their chances of getting skin cancer. The new findings by the World Health Organization can be found in Lancet Oncology, a medical [...]