Air Bag Defect Prompts Honda to Recall another 273,000 Autos

In its fifth recall over the same auto defect since 2008, Honda is recalling another 273,00 motor vehicles because of a faulty air-bag deployment system. This latest announcement ups the number of autos affected to almost 2 million. The safety issue involves the driver’s side air bag, which could deploy in too forceful a manner [...]

NHTSA Probing Whether GM Chevrolet Volt’s Lithium-Ion Batteries Pose a Fire Hazard

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a formal probe into whether General Motors’s Chevy Volts’ batteries are at risk of catching fire after they are involved in a serious car crash. While GM has stated that its vehicle is not a fire hazard, the NHTSA remains committed to continuing its safety defect investigation [...]

Prevent Child Injuries This Holiday Season By Avoiding Dangerous and Defective Toys

Each year, World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. puts out its “10 Worst Toys” list as a warning to consumers for products to avoid when shopping for the holiday season. Toys that made this year’s list that pose specific child injury hazards include the: • Twist ‘n Sort • Fold and Go Trampoline • Power [...]

Michigan Products Liability Lawsuit Seeks Wrongful Death Damages Against Nap Nanny Maker

The parents of a 4-month-old girl who died after she became entrapped in her portable baby recliner is seeking $75K in Michigan products liability damages from manufacturer Baby Matters LLC. The baby, Juliette Thiel, died on July 9, 2010 from asphyxiation. The infant was found hanging from the Nap Nanny’s side while her face had [...]

Retailers Can Be Held Strictly Liable for Sale of Defective Products, Reaffirms Federal Court

A federal court in New Jersey says that retailers can indeed be held strictly liable for selling defective products. The case is DeGennaro v. Rally Manufacturing. In this New Jersey products liability case, the plaintiff sued the manufacturer and seller of a lead-acid battery that he said exploded while in his hand. The judge found [...]

Swallowing High-Powered Magnets Can Be Deadly for Kids, Warns CPSC

Once again, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning parents and guardians to watch out that their kids don’t swallow any magnets. The latest advisory focuses on high-powered magnets, in particular, and comes following a rise in the number of related child injuries reported in the past two years. In 2009, the CPSC says there [...]